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August 2020

How To Choose The Right Skin Moisturizer For Men

How To Choose The Right Skin Moisturizer For Men

Choosing the right moisturizer is just as important as selecting your hair styling product. Depending on your hair and what hairstyle you’re trying to achieve, you’ll either use a gel, spray, wax, pomade, etc.

The same goes for choosing the best moisturizer for your skin. A good moisturizer means smoother skin, no redness, and not oily. Using the wrong moisturizer may leave you looking like a piece of raw deep-fried chicken.

Choosing can be very overwhelming in a saturated market of men’s skincare products. Most men opt for cheap, generic products. But, that may leave you with an unappealing look as mentioned above.

We here at d*shine strive to make your choice simple by offering one quality moisturizing lotion that mattifies (de-shines) your skin to prevent that oily look while hydrating and strengthening it.

Although, sometimes, you may need a moisturizer that’s specific to your skin. That’s where this simple guide for selecting the best moisturizer for you comes in.

Why Your Oily Face Is Ruining Your Confidence

Why Your Oily Face Is Ruining Your Confidence

You’ve got the perfect outfit. Your hair is on its best day between haircuts, styled perfectly, and looking great from every angle. Your swag is smooth. Your posture is right – head up, chest out, shoulders back.

You’ve been watching every Aaron Marino alpha.m YouTube video, and are putting his tips to practice to look confident as can be for your hot evening date.

You do everything right. Yet, there’s one thing your face does that reveals your true nervousness. It kills your look of confidence. And it’s unfortunate because you can’t stop it from occurring.

A racing heartbeat, pumping blood vessels, tightened muscles, and dripping sweat is all well and good when needing to escape a hungry grizzly bear. But, when it comes to perceived fears, i.e., a first date, a job interview, a sales pitch, etc. your body reacts the same way.

Under stress or anxiety your body releases a flood of hormones, including the stress hormone cortisol. This prompts the sebaceous glands on your face to pump out oil (sebum), leaving your face looking greasy as a deep-fried turkey.

You can have the proper swag, smell good, use the perfect vocal tonality, and so on, but an oily, shiny face will make you look nervous and unconfident. It’s a clear tell that any human can notice.

Even if you’re sincerely confident, excessively oily skin will ruin it. It’s just not a good look.

Why Is My Skin So Oily (Men's Version)

Why Is My Skin So Oily? (Men’s Version)

There are several reasons why your face looks oily. One of them, obviously, is because it is oily. Other causes include sweat, the surrounding climate, humidity, touching your skin after eating a ham croissant sandwich, the generic lotion that you’re using, etc. But, for this article, we’re going to cover why your skin is, in fact, oily.

The oily skin condition is not out of the ordinary for men. The oil is called sebum, a substance produced by the sebaceous glands which primary function is to lubricate your skin and hair. But sometimes, there is an overproduction of sebum, which results in your excessively oily skin.

What Is A Mattifying Moisturizer?

What Is A Mattifying Moisturizer?

Snap! You and your date take a couple of selfies at the new, popular five-star restaurant in town. It’s been a great evening together, and you’re happy to capture the moments to share with the world. She posts several shots on her Instagram, #hotdatenight.

You check your feed to look for the photos she posted so that you can repost them.

You find it.

But wait, why is your face so shiny? It’s not the healthy, clean, sexy, dewy look she has; your face looks like a piece of fried chicken smacked it. Even though you towel off, you can’t seem to get rid of your skin’s oily appearance, and she’s got dozens of pictures to prove it.

Because of that, you begin to feel self-conscious about your face throughout the rest of the night. It makes you even more nervous, sweaty, shiny, and insecure. “No more selfies,” you think to yourself.

This condition is not out of the ordinary. There are several reasons why your face gets oily. But, the main thing is it doesn’t look good on any occasion. That’s why we’ve created d*shine’s Mattifying Moisturizer w/ Oil Control just for you.