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Month: September 2020

Insecure About Having Oily Skin?

Insecure About Having Oily Skin?

Here we present you with a focus group study¹ that reveals you’re not alone with your oily skin struggles – and how the effects of having oily skin go beyond skin deep…

As mentioned throughout this website, oily skin is a common occurrence. And because most people deem oily looking skin as unattractive, many are self-conscious about having such a shiny face.

It goes for both men and women:

Why Is Oily Skin Unattractive?

Why Is Oily Skin Unattractive?

For ages, we have been seeking solutions to eliminate oily skin. But, why? What makes oily-looking skin so unattractive? Here we’ll shed some light on the shiny faces.

Surprisingly, there are benefits of having oily skin. Sebum, the oil that your face produces, keeps you from looking 60 when you’re 26. It not only hydrates and lubricates but also protects your outermost skin (the epidermis) from the universe’s elements.

So, why is having oily looking skin considered unattractive by most people?

Wouldn’t having a gleaming face symbolize being a healthy, young stud or a fresh, fertile woman? Well, as you know, it’s the complete opposite.

There are physical and subsequent psychological reasons why oily skin is unattractive.

How Do Mattifying Lotions Work

How Do Mattifying Lotions Work

An in-depth look into how mattifying lotions keep you looking smooth, clean, and confident throughout the day.

“Group photo!” You and your friends gather in front of the camera to capture the moment.


You know that the photo is going up on social media.

Sure enough, you receive a ‘you’ve been tagged’ notification. You unlock your phone to view the photo. There you see yourself…

“Why is my face so shiny,” you think. It’s not the clean, smooth look everyone else has. Your face looks like you can fry an egg on it!

Even though you use oil-controlling washes or powders, you can’t seem to get rid of your skin’s oily appearance. And it’s making you feel insecure and unconfident.