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February 2024

What Is Glass Skin Glass Skin vs The Matte Look For Men

What Is Glass Skin?

Snap! You and your date take a couple of selfies at the new, popular five-star restaurant in town. It’s been a great evening together, and you’re happy to capture the moments to share with the world. She posts several shots on her Instagram, #hotdatenight.

You check your feed to look for the photos she posted so that you can repost them.

You find it.

But wait, why is your face so shiny? It’s not the healthy, clean, sexy, dewy look she has; your face looks like a piece of fried chicken smacked it. Even though you towel off, you can’t seem to get rid of your skin’s oily appearance, and she’s got dozens of pictures to prove it.

Because of that, you begin to feel self-conscious about your face throughout the rest of the night. It makes you even more nervous, sweaty, shiny, and insecure. “No more selfies,” you think to yourself.

This condition is not out of the ordinary. There are several reasons why your face gets oily. But, the main thing is it doesn’t look good on any occasion. That’s why we’ve created d*shine’s Mattifying Moisturizer w/ Oil Control just for you.

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