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Men Moisturizers

How Do Mattifying Lotions Work

How Do Mattifying Lotions Work

An in-depth look into how mattifying lotions keep you looking smooth, clean, and confident throughout the day.

“Group photo!” You and your friends gather in front of the camera to capture the moment.


You know that the photo is going up on social media.

Sure enough, you receive a ‘you’ve been tagged’ notification. You unlock your phone to view the photo. There you see yourself…

“Why is my face so shiny,” you think. It’s not the clean, smooth look everyone else has. Your face looks like you can fry an egg on it!

Even though you use oil-controlling washes or powders, you can’t seem to get rid of your skin’s oily appearance. And it’s making you feel insecure and unconfident.

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How To Choose The Right Skin Moisturizer For Men

How To Choose The Right Skin Moisturizer For Men

Choosing the right moisturizer is just as important as selecting your hair styling product. Depending on your hair and what hairstyle you’re trying to achieve, you’ll either use a gel, spray, wax, pomade, etc.

The same goes for choosing the best moisturizer for your skin. A good moisturizer means smoother skin, no redness, and not oily. Using the wrong moisturizer may leave you looking like a piece of raw deep-fried chicken.

Choosing can be very overwhelming in a saturated market of men’s skincare products. Most men opt for cheap, generic products. But, that may leave you with an unappealing look as mentioned above.

We here at d*shine strive to make your choice simple by offering one quality moisturizing lotion that mattifies (de-shines) your skin to prevent that oily look while hydrating and strengthening it.

Although, sometimes, you may need a moisturizer that’s specific to your skin. That’s where this simple guide for selecting the best moisturizer for you comes in.

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