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Dating Grooming Tips

The pressure to impress on a first date is real. It’s like an interview for a job — the point is to find out if the two of you are a good match. However, preparation is critical to getting things off on the right foot. As they say, first impressions are everything!

You’ll need to prepare for the date in a way that makes you feel your most attractive and confident self. Proper grooming is the answer.

If you’re wondering how to groom for a date, here’s a comprehensive checklist for men’s grooming to ensure a spectacular impression. 

By following these grooming tips before going on a date, you’ll have a much better chance of getting a second one.


Take A Bath Or Shower

A clean slate is the foundation of any dapper gentleman’s grooming routine. The shower gel you use won’t make a huge difference in the way you smell by the time you meet up with your date but keeping the sweaty regions of your body clean will help fight body odor throughout the evening.

Have a good scrub down, using a face cleanser to clear out your pores and shampoo to add some shine and luster to your hair. This will give your body a fresh start so you can proceed with your preferred personal hygiene products.

Freshen Your Breath

Studies show that 85% of singles on the market for a new partner claimed that foul breath was a turnoff. In addition, findings revealed that 80% of people wouldn’t go out with someone again if they had bad breath on the first date. It’s considered even worse than lousy humor, bad taste in clothes, tardiness, or a lack of good manners. This is why many of us lose our self-confidence when we think about our breath on a date.

However, while it may be tempting to blame persistent bad breath on a fondness for garlic and onions, this is only part of the problem. Failure to properly clean the spaces between the teeth is a common cause of bad breath. Dental floss is a convenient tool for removing plaque and food debris from between teeth. If you want your breath to smell even better, try switching out the water for some mouthwash.

Manage Your Facial Hair 

Enjoy showing off your beard? We won’t advise you to shave it all off, but you should probably control the jungle on your cheeks and chin. The trick is to have a trimmed-down mane and a clean neckline.

In addition, simple beard maintenance helps you enjoy your date to the fullest. Start by washing your beard with a face wash or shampoo to keep it clean and fresh. Applying scented beard oil before a date will help you smell great and keep your facial hair soft and moisturized.

Trim And Clean Your Nails

Men who take the time to maintain well-manicured nails send a message to women that they appreciate the attention to detail. It’s easy for dirt and debris to become lodged under your nails, but having unclean, long nails is among the worst impressions you could leave. Nails should be scrubbed in the shower to remove dirt from under them and then trimmed afterward for a neat and well-kept appearance. You might as well clip your toenails afterward too.

Spray Just Enough Cologne 

Cologne is a terrific way to make a first impression on a date, but putting on too much may be overwhelming. More than two or three sprays of perfume can be overpowering, sending your date running for the exit. A couple of sprays are all you need to get through the night.

Since your skin is at its cleanest immediately after a shower, that’s the ideal time to put on deodorant and your preferred cologne. We recommend starting with a fresh-smelling antiperspirant and building from there with cologne.

Fix Your Hair 

Women have a lot of respect for men who take pride in their appearance. Make it regular practice to put in extra effort to look your best. Getting a quick haircut from your regular barber is the best way to do this. It shows that you are well-organized and that you care about your date. Then, all you have to do before the date is wash your hair the night before, comb it out, put some product in it, and style it to perfection! The most important thing is to maintain a neat appearance.

Dress To Impress 

Aside from taking care of your personal hygiene, you can look your best by dressing in a way that highlights your best features. You should avoid clothing that is either too snug or too baggy. Instead, you should shop for clothes that complement your physique. Dressing appropriately for the occasion is just as important as picking clothes that suit your body. You should avoid wearing anything too laid-back or too stuffy. You should focus on finding the clothes that are just right.

Maintain A Skincare Routine 

Men’s skin is typically oilier than women’s, so it’s possible you’ll have unsightly shiny areas somewhere on your face. Plus, the nervousness you feel when you have a date might cause your skin to produce more oil than usual, as can touching your face too much.

Using mattifying moisturizers can help you control oily skin. Even though your skin tends to be oily, it’s still important to keep it well-hydrated. That’s why it is always crucial to moisturize. This is where d*shine’s Mattifying Moisturizer can help. We developed our unique formula to help you achieve a clean, fresh, matte, and confident appearance while hydrating the face.

Wrapping Up 

Even if you’ve been chatting online for a while, the pressure to leave a good impression on a first date can still be overwhelming. So, when you’re preparing for your big date, keep in mind that good grooming is just as crucial as a killer wardrobe. We’ve shared some grooming tips for going on a date to help you out.

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