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Now Reading: Do I Have Oily Skin, Or Is It The Weather?


Do You Have Oily Skin, or Is It Just the Weather?

When the weather turns hot and humid in the summer, our skin undergoes various changes. We tend to produce more sweat since that’s how the body keeps itself cool.

On the other hand, your skin can also become dry and dull, so your sebaceous glands go into overdrive to keep your skin well-hydrated.

As a result, oil and sweat production skyrocket during the summer months.

Aside from forcing you to adjust your skincare regimen, the seasonal shifts might make it more difficult to tell the difference between sweating and oiliness.

So, if you are wondering: “Do I have oily skin or is it just the weather?” then keep reading.

In this article, we’ll go through the primary differences between the two.


Oily Skin

With warmer temperatures comes higher humidity, which can cause the sebaceous glands on your skin to produce more sebum.

Although sebum is made up of lipids and fats that safeguard your skin from damaging external factors, too much can cause the surface of your skin to become excessively oily.

The sizeable presence of sebaceous glands on our faces means that our complexion can look oilier during the warmer months.

Having an oily skin type means you’ll have this problem all year long, but it will be worse in the summer because of increased sebum production.

Your skin type will reveal itself if your face is always slightly more sebum-heavy than usual, regardless of the season. 

The consistency of the secretion from your pores is yet another distinguishing characteristic. Sebum is a viscous, oily material that is composed of fatty acids.

You most likely have oily skin if your pores release greasy or heavier fluids instead of watery ones.

There may be other factors at play that aren’t directly linked to the weather, yet the climate can nevertheless amplify their effects.

Many variables, including hormones and stress, can affect the activeness of sebaceous glands, and some individuals are more prone to having oily skin than others.

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Sweaty Skin

Eccrine glands produce sweat to keep the body’s temperature in check. It has a watery consistency instead of a greasy one.

Small beads of moisture, or perspiration, that appear on the skin are one of the most obvious indicators of sweating.

Your pores might become clogged if your sweat interacts with germs and lipids on your skin. This often leads to breakouts for those who are acne-prone.

Perspiration can be exacerbated by physical exertion or by the oppressive heat and humidity of the day.

How To Manage Sweaty And Oily Skin During The Summer Months

Sweating is an obvious sign that the body is attempting to cool itself. In addition, sweat contains bacteria, so washing your face immediately after working out will help prevent breakouts. 

Bringing a soft, absorbent towel in your backpack or car can also help you wipe the sweat on your face whenever you need to. Don’t forget to stay hydrated to make up for any lost fluids.

If you suffer from oily skin throughout the year, but particularly in the summer, try using a mattifying moisturizer for men like d*shine’s Signature Mattifying Moisturizer. With this light lotion, you’ll keep your confident, matte, shine-free, fresh-faced look throughout the day.

It absorbs oil and other liquids, keeping your face looking clean, longer. Aside from nourishing the skin without making it look greasy, it also hydrates it, so your skin doesn’t dry out – further controlling your skins oil production (see reason number seven of The Top 7 Causes Of Oily Skin).

The Bottom Line

During the summer, our pores often release sweat and oil to combat the heat. However, it is difficult to tell which one is leaving an unwanted shine on your face. 

Throughout this article, we’ve discussed what distinguishes a sweaty face from an oily one. We’ve also provided several tips on managing skin care during the summer.

One way to deal with summertime oily skin is using d*shine’s mattifying moisturizer with oil control. Do you want to achieve that matte, shine-free look? Get your supply today!

If you want to learn more about managing and limiting the appearance of shine and oil on your skin and being more confident in your own skin, be sure follow us on Instagram and check back here often for new content and products.

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