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Let Your Stories Shine, Not Your Face

Michael Castelo
(206) 582-6588

[SEATTLE, WA] d*shine is striving to be the leading company for quality mattifying skincare products for men. Founded in 2020 and launched its first product, its signature mattifying moisturizer, in February 2023, this bold brand is set to help bring the men’s cosmetic industry to mainstream.

Read the story to get your story here as Founder, Michael Castelo, shares his “mirror interview” for you to utilize and learn more about the d*shine brand and the mind behind it. 

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As I’ve been going through my journey starting and launching the brand, I used to continuously think about my decisions made and needed to make. So, I wrote or typed things out to get those thoughts out of my mind to free up some mental bandwidth. And since one of my goals was to get publicity for our company, I wrote my thoughts down as if I was in an interview, interviewing myself in front of a mirror – hence coined “mirror interview.” I guess you can say it’s a way I put the “law of attraction” to work 😉

*From the “About” page*

The History


“1-2-3 CHEEEEESE!” Click!

But, when I saw the photos that were taken, one thing would stick out to me. Why was my face so shiny? It looked like I’d been rubbing my face with french fry grease or something. Everyone else had a smooth, clean, baby face appearance.

“Is this how people see me?” I thought to myself. 

Insecurities flooded my mind. 

After a while, I dreaded taking photos worrying I’d be the literal “highlight” of it. 

Throughout high school, I’d try to wash or at least wipe down my face every chance I got.

Soon after, the “selfie” craze and social media blew up. That added another layer of anxiety regarding my skin’s oily appearance. I dreaded looking at pictures with me in it, fearing the camera’s flash had ricocheted off my forehead.

The insecurity stuck with me throughout my young adult years.

As a man, I thought it was a weird thing to be self-conscious about. So, I kept it to myself.

I searched for products or methods to de-shine my face and keep it looking and feeling clean throughout the day. The products didn’t work. Some of them made it worse.

Having to wipe my face with a towel constantly wasn’t a good look. Carrying around a pack of rice papers to blot my face wasn’t practical. The use of baby powder left my face caked with white residue – not a good look either. 

I used to have my ex-girlfriend apply her makeup powders to de-shine my face so that I would look up to par with her when we went out. But, the thought of being caught using makeup by friends didn’t sit well with me.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands to create a solution.

I studied, researched, and interviewed cosmetologists, women, and dermatologists to brainstorm solutions to my problem.

Interestingly, while doing my research, I found out that I was not alone. There are a lot of men out there who are insecure about their oily looking skin. (Perhaps you feel the same way since you’ve read to this point). That motivated me further to create a product that would help men like us.

Long story short, as you know, we have founded the d*shine brand and developed our signature mattifying moisturizer

The goal was to make it simple to maintain that clean, confident look throughout the day, longer. And we achieved it. 

Our unique formula mattifies (de-shines) your face while hydrating and strengthing your skin. 

Just use it like you would a regular lotion. Rub a small amount on your face before heading out in the morning or whenever you need it. You’ll never worry about having a shiny face again!

The Mission

Though, we’re not stopping there. 

While developing the d*shine brand, we’ve founded an overarching mission for the company. It’s something that I felt I needed to do through the brand.

You see, a product like d*shine’s Mattifying Lotion is an external solution to help men live more confidently. As I’ve learned throughout the years, confidence is as much, if not more, important internally as it is our external appearance. 

Our mentality, mindset, mental health, and self-image are essential aspects of confidence.

We’re going to continue creating quality, industry-leading mattifying products for men, but with the mission of promoting the message that who you are is already great.

We’re just here to help expedite that greatness.

Through content published on here, Instagram, Facebook, and our other media channels, whatever we do, we aim to empower men like you!

d*shine is not just a brand or a product. It’s a lifestyle.


Mission Statement: Helping men to be even more confident in their own skin.

Product Vision: Provide quality mattifying skincare products for men. 

Behind The Name: (Coming soon)

Although our products are geared “For Men,” women can definitely use our products as well. After I launched, the thought of regret crossed my mind for labeling it “For Men” because many of the female influencers I’ve collaborated with like the product. But, I stick to why I chose to make it for men. For one, it’s because I’m a male and feel I have no authority to “market” to women about skincare products. Most of us men have an inferior understanding and knowledge about skincare.

In fact, I look to women for skincare advice. And our first product, the mattifying moisturizer, is inspired by a women’s product I discovered while finding a solution to my shiny, oily-looking skin.

Women are nurtured to know about beauty and care for their skin and appearance. They have an entire industry dedicated to themselves – the “beauty industry” (there isn’t a “handsome industry.” They have an arsenal of products to control their shine.

So, that’s another reason why I made this brand for men; I felt the men’s skincare industry was under represented, and creating this brand was to help bridge the gap for men to “next level” skin care leading into cosmetics.

Yes, but it will take some time.

It was predicted that the male “beauty”/cosmetic industry would boom around 2018 or 19 or so. But, as we know, that didn’t happen. It’s lagging.

It’s because men (most men) aren’t ready for it yet. You can’t force-feed men into using cosmetic-type products, makeup, concealers, etc., and we’re just not ready or conditioned to accept that yet.

I think it will be socially accepted by men starting with the younger generations, because of social media and their use of default “filters” that smoothes out your skin, de-shine it, and even your skin tone. That will create a desire to look like that in real life.

But, as mentioned, it will take time, and simple-use products like our mattifying moisturizer and other products we have in the pipeline are designed to help bridge the gap and expedite the industry’s development and social acceptance.

I initially chose to work with women to promote the brand and product because, again, they are the authority in skincare. So, I felt getting it “verified” by women was vital. It must be great for men if it’s good enough for women.

Another reason is most men interact with women’s content rather than men’s – unless you’re an established, popular male influencer – which they’re pricey to collaborate with anyway. So, we decided to work with women who men interact with and enjoy viewing. Or, women with female audiences that would be inspired to buy our products for their boyfriends, husbands, male friends, etc. Women need their arm candy too. I mean, you women work so hard to make yourselves look fabulous. We, men, should be striving to look up to par with you, too – especially for those date night selfies and photo ops 😉 

*Exclusive Info*

Email Michael at to get the scoop!

*Exclusive Info*

Email Michael at to get the scoop!

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