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Now Reading: Should Skincare Products Be Gendered?


Should Skincare Products Be Gendered?

The best skincare routines are tailored to an individual’s skin type, lifestyle, and other factors. Unless you and your other half have the same skin type, you won’t see the same results from the same product. 

This leads us to the question: Does gender matter when it comes to skincare products? It’s a question that was asked when I launched d*shine and labeled it “For Men.”

So let’s take a closer look at “should skincare be gendered?” and I’ll reveal why I decided to make d*shine “for men” specifically.


The Differences Between Men’s And Women’s Skin

Men’s and women’s skin differs in a few ways because of biological differences. According to a scientific literature review published in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology in 2018, men’s and women’s skin differ in the following ways:

  • Level of sebum (oil): In general, men produce more sebum than women do. Hormones are a possible explanation for this.
  • Size of pores: Bigger pores are more common in men than in women.
  • Skin thickness: Some research suggests that men’s skin is thicker than women’s because they produce more collagen.
  • Skin color: Skin melanin index is correlated with a person’s sex. It’s possible that men have more naturally pigmented skin than women do.

Another set of factors, such as elasticity, pH levels, transepidermal water loss, and skin hydration, showed slight differences. There was no statistically significant variation, and the results contradicted those of other research.

The most apparent difference between these skin types is the presence or absence of facial hair. And contrary to popular belief, beards require regular care and attention. Compared to women, men have larger, more densely distributed hair follicles on their faces and necks. This explains why men tend to have thicker facial hair and why shaving is typically the only option for getting rid of it. However, regularly shaving your facial hair can lead to stress or irritation on the skin and lead to razor burn, wounds, and lumps if you don’t take special care of it.

Is Skincare Gendered?

Skincare was originally never specifically aimed at one gender, but since female consumers make up the majority, it stands to reason that the industry would focus on them. This fact may have dissuaded men from using skincare products altogether.

Society is used to seeing women take part in beauty regimens, so the rise of skincare for men comes as something of a surprise. Because of the stereotypical portrayal of being “manly,” skincare for guys typically carries a stigma. Unfortunately, this expectation drives men to avoid activities like skincare, which could make them appear more “feminine.” More and more men, however, have been taking an interest in skincare in recent years.

Even though the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) notes distinctions between the skin of men and women, basic skin care principles apply to both genders. Instead of considering your gender as a starting point, the AAD suggests thinking about your skin type first (sensitive, normal, dry, oily, or combination). While most men are more prone to oily skin or acne, it’s not always the case. Some guys, for instance, have sensitive or dry skin.

Is There A Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Skincare Products?

It’s only natural that there would be different skincare options for men and women, given the differences in their skincare requirements. Ingredients are one key difference between skincare solutions for men and women. To help men’s skin recover from the irritation of shaving, many of their grooming products contain menthol and mint, two of the most effective natural cooling agents.

Also, because guys tend to have oilier skin, these products feature shine-reducing and mattifying ingredients. One example is our d*shine’s Mattifying Moisturizer w/ Oil Control. In addition to soaking up excess oil and controlling its visibility, it will help keep your skin moisturized and nourished.

So, should there be a difference between men’s and women’s skincare products? You’ll likely find that there are plenty of products aimed at women that work well for men and vice versa. However, men’s skin occasionally has unique needs, and the products they use daily must be formulated with those differences in mind, addressing issues like sebum production and razor burns without being too harsh.

Wrapping Up: Why I Chose To Make d*shine “For Men” 

Should skincare be gender neutral? Yes, skincare is for everyone, regardless of gender.

However, while products that are effective for women usually also work for guys, brands are constantly diversifying to accommodate men to dispel the stigma surrounding skincare. Furthermore, some men benefit more from using these products than women do because their skin is different.

Women already have access to a wide variety of skincare treatments, including an arsenal of makeup products, that help them reduce shine and improve their complexion. That’s the reason why I decided to make d*shine “for men.” I felt that the men’s skincare industry is underrepresented. There’s the “beauty” industry for women. We don’t even have a “handsome” industry to represent us men.

But, it’s great that there are finally some products that are coming out specifically marketed for men. Nothing beats discovering high-quality men’s skincare products that meet your requirements.

At d*shine, although women can use our products too (it’s even been verified by women), we aim to make men’s search for quality mattifying skincare products easier and take men’s skincare to the next level so that we are always looking on par with our beautiful female counterparts.

At d*shine, we’ve created trademark mattifying products designed to keep you looking clean and confident for any occasion.

Our signature mattifying moisturizer with oil control is an anti-shine lotion that keeps your skin looking clean and fresh while keeping your skin shine and oiliness to a minimum.

Try it out by ordering online today. Or, feel free to browse our website and blog to learn more about d*shine and our quality mattifying skincare products.

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