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Now Reading: Top 7 Causes Of Oily Skin


Top 7 Causes Of Oily Skin

and how to treat them.

Notice that your skin is shiny throughout the day? Is it slick to the touch? After touching your face, can you feel the oil between your fingertips? Does your face feel heavy? Does it make you look heavy?


Then, you likely have extra oily skin.

Oily skin can look and feel unattractive. It may cause you to feel insecure and ultimately less confident going about your daily life.

While you can’t necessarily get rid of oily skin, you can take steps to make it look less oily-looking. The key is to identify what’s the root cause(s) of your oily skin. Then you’ll be able to treat it appropriately.


What Causes Oily Skin?

The fact is, everyone has oil in their skin. Under each of your pores are what’s called sebaceous glands that produce natural oils called sebum. Sebum helps protect your skin and keep it hydrated and healthy.

But, for some people, the sebaceous glands can produce too much oil causing extra oily skin.

If you’re an oily skin type, your skin will constantly look shiny. Even after blotting or washing your face, your skin can become greasy soon after.

Oily skin is also often prone to breakouts when sebum mixes with dead skin cells and clog your pores.

Here are the top 7 causes of oily skin:

1. Genetics

Oily skin tends to be hereditary. If one of your parents has oily skin, then there’s a good chance you’ll have overactive sebum-producing sebaceous glands too.

2. Age

You’re more likely to have oilier skin during your younger years. That’s why most teens deal with acne problems during those puburty years.

As you age older, your skin will produce less sebum. Your aging skin loses collagen and other proteins, which causes your sebaceous glands to slow down. This is why the older you get, the drier your skin is and wrinkles form. So, having oily skin isn’t all that bad as it keeps your face looking younger, longer.

As you age to your 30s, it’s wise to reevaluate your skin and adjust your skin care regimen and the skin products you use. You may not have the same skin composition as you had/have in your 20s.

3. Surrounding Climate & Season

Where you live and the time of the year can make a difference in your skin’s oiliness.

People tend to have oilier skin in hot and humid climates. You’re also more likely to have oilier skin during the summer season than you would in the fall or winter.

4. Enlarged Pores

Larger pores tend to produce more oil. Pores can stretch or become large due to age, weight fluctuations, and from previous breakouts.

Some people like to use blotting sheets to remove excess oil throughout the day. Using a mattifying moisturizer also helps to soak up the extra oil limiting the shiny, greasy look.

5. Using The Wrong Skin Care Products

You can cause your skin to become oily by using the wrong skincare products for your skin type or climate. For example, if you have oily or combination skin and use heavy creams, that may cause the excess oily appearance. 

Or, if you have drier skin during the winter months and use heavier moisturizers to hydrate your skin, you may need to change a lighter gel-based one for the spring or summer.

And as mentioned above, you may need to adjust your skincare products as you get older. 

It’s essential to use the correct skincare products as they make a huge difference in the amount of oil left visible on your face.

We have formulated our signature d*shine Mattifying Moisturizer specifically for oily skin, year-round. You may check it out here.

6. Overwashing 

Washing your face or exfoliating too much can cause your skin to become oily. This may seem counterintuitive since the purpose of washing and exfoliating is to get rid of oil.

But if you do it too often, strip away too much of the essential oil your face needs to hydrate and protect your skin. When that happens, your sebaceous glands will want to produce even more oil to compensate for the lack of it because you’re stripping it away.

Typically, washing your skin twice a day and exfoliating two to three times a week should help keep excess oil under control.

7. Skipping Your Moisturizer

Not using moisturizer may also seem counterintuitive as a cause for oily skin. It’s a myth that using moisturizers causes oily skin. 

Without using moisturizers, any skin will dry out. Believe it or not, you can have oily and dehydrated skin.

So instead of not using a moisturizer, the key is to use the right kind of moisturizer. Light, water-based moisturizers work well for oily skin. Also, products that are “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic” help keep your pores clear.

Simply apply your moisturizer as your last step after cleansing.

This is where our signature d*shine Mattifying Moisturizer helps to “de-shine” and moisturize your skin. We’ve formulated our signature product to control your skin’s oil while moisturizing and mattifying for that clean, matte, confident look. 

Take Action To Eliminate Oily Skin

As mentioned eliminating your skin’s oil is not the solution; it makes it worse. The key is to control your skin’s oily appearance. 

Whether oily skin runs in your family or lives in a hot, humid climate, whatever the cause(s) of your oily skin, develop an action plan to control the appearance of your skin’s oil. And don’t forget to try out d*shine’s Mattifying Moisturizer – it’s a life-changer!

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If you’d like to try d*shine’s Mattifying Moisturizer, just ask. We’ll hook you up with a great deal so that you can try it out. Drop us a line anytime via DM on Instagram,, Facebook, or shoot us a message/question here.

Stay clean. Stay safe. Stay confident and matte!

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