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Now Reading: We Had To Shut Down… (A Letter From The Founder)


We Had To Shut Down… (A Letter From The Founder)

Soon the d* will be back... and here's how you can be a part of the making...

I hope all is good with you!

A while back, you may have shown interest in d*shine’s Mattifying Moisturizer and have been waiting for when we’re back in stock.

Well… we’re still not in stock 👎. Due to COVID-19 and our manufacturer having to shut down because of it, our stock is non-existent.

It has been devastating, challenging, and a depressing loss for me personally…

But, relentlessness is one thing that makes great people great. And as Tim Grover says, “Mental toughness is believing without a doubt, that whatever happens, you got this.”

So, I’m in the process of bringing the best mattifying moisturizer for men back and into your hands… if you’re still interested

If you are, great! I invite you to follow us on Instagram and to join a group that I created on Facebook, Why Mattify? 

(If not, that’s okay too! I’ll continue to do what I do, and you do you too.)

Since the shutdown, I have put the project on the back burner, until now. I’m resurrecting the project and going about it differently by creating the Facebook group to collaborate with people like you to revive the formula and make it even better!

Through the group, I’m opening up the opportunity for you to be part of the making of the brand. I plan to offer opportunities to test the formulations and provide feedback to help improve them. 
This is the conception stage, and I welcome you to be a part of the development and growth of the brand so that when you look back, you can be proud to say, “I helped create that brand!”.
This is just my initial vision. If other potential opportunities arise for the community, i.e., investment opportunities, partnerships, accreditation, free products for active members, brand ambassadors, affiliate partnerships, etc., I’ll surely consider it.
In any case, I’ll see you on the inside and I thank you again for your initial interest in d*shine.

Until next time.

Take care fam! Stay clean, d*shined, and stay safe.


Michael Castelo, Founder
d*shine Products

“Let your confidence shine, not your face.”

P.S – Again, I invite you to follow us on Instagram @dshine.me and to join our newly created Facebook group, Why Mattify?, to create a community of people like you looking to eliminate your skin’s unappealing shine.

Stay clean. Stay safe. Stay confident and matte!

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We Had To Shut Down… (A Letter From The Founder)

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Michael Castelo, Founder